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About Me

My name is Lynn Inglis.
A resident of the coastal town of Eastbourne, in East Sussex, home of the Towner Art Gallery and a town full of diverse and unusual architecture.

My pursuit of art follows a career in fashion and creative work and I have found my love and passion in bold, bright and colourful paintings, using metallic accents.

I would say my style is unique and demonstrates my ability to transcend traditional parameters and to constantly challenge myself through the creation of my art

I have exhibited at Gallery North, Hailsham and The Society of Eastbourne Artists' exhibitions. I am listed on Painters on Line

'Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.'
Edgar Degas

sea commended certificate.jpg

Venice Highly Commended in The Artist and and Leisure Painter Magazine open competition in 2019

venice prizeF.jpg
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